Una telefonata nel cuore della notte: "In questo studio c'รจ una luce fantastica. Porta delle musiche, le tue parrucche e dei costumi e filmiano!" Chi mi chamava era Dan Arenzon. Non lo sapevamo: nasceva Nery Barcelona.


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Nery Guitelman y 12 Nery Barcelona

Nery Guitelman and 12 Nery Barcelona

Nery Guitelman arrived in Barcelona with her weapons of mass seduction. This self-made woman conquered the city and adopts its territory; she now bears the name Nery Barcelona, as a title to which she holds recognized rights. Since her coming into being, every action she takes brings to light what is happening around us.

Nery Barcelona stars 12 Nery Barcelona, a 12 piece video art, voyage to look at and to experience. This image and sound installation present all 12 videos simultaneously with the flexibility to change and adapt as to fit into different environments.

Viewed separately its total running time is of 45 minutes.