È arrivata la tua ora, si dice. Il tempo è saggio: bisogna saper aspettare. Il tempo è giudice; è generoso: ad una ora ne seguono tantissime altre; è implacabile: arriva puntuale, sempre, per tutti, nessuno escluso.





Two women are imprisoned in an apartment on the fifth floor of a building in the outskirts close to the airport; so close that it is invaded by the never ending roar of landings and departures.
They have lost all hope of doing those works which they wish or can do. So they have decided to install a hotline that would allow them to make a living without having to leave the house and the income, unexpectedly is not low.
They have not left home in years, they do not even open the windows, or the balcony doors to clear the air.
Carmen has found a system: she empties in the rooms spray cans filled with fresh air.

Gilda endures everything. She has learnt everything from the mother. She takes part in the daily rituals and repeats them when she is alone. But when is she alone? They live in the same house, and they never go out! She has made the habit of staying awake when her mother goes to sleep. She then repeats inexorably the gestures of the mother, but every time more often, she pauses to think: seated, standing, leaning on a wall, wherever it happens, motionless; whatever she is doing freezes, she loses the sense of time and thinks.
But, what does she think about? She thinks about leaving, about the sun, about sunsets, about clean air, about being in freedom, about dancing. Dance, she has seen it on TV, the only window to remain open in the house.
But, how to achieve it? She has been to a thousand auditions, she has courageously offered herself in a thousand places, but nobody wants her. To everyone she is "Gilda's Time", an absurd TV program in which she tells the exact time, recorded when she was a little girl. Since then she marked the time of all the viewers. Her time instead does not pass. Time is an innocent and docile girl that says it is eight o'clock at eight o'clock. No one wishes to be upset and pushed into the uncertainty provoqued by the image of time grown up, changed. At eight, it will always be eight.
She takes the decision to phone a witch she has seen on TV and ask her help.

Carmen is a woman that has given her best in order to raise her daughter and be a good mother, but failed. She wanted to be a model, on fashion shows: she was thin and knew how to walk as no one ever had, but inexplicably nobody wanted her, so she tried to get into an airline to become a stewardess. She did not speak properly any foreign language, but in order to compensate, she walked through the aisles in a way nobody could ever forget. She was hired. Skies above she met Renato. She became pregnant.
Angelo, her colleague and closest friend with whom she shared everything asked to be transferred as earth assistant in a near city airport: he went to live with her Renato.
She has been deserted. After the birth she could not lose weight and was fired: she would no longer fit into those aisles that had seen her parading gloriously for years.
What was there to do? Raise the girl the best she could in order to grant her, perhaps, what she had been denied. And what to do in the meantime? Pray.
She would pray to Mina, her singer, as to a saint.
Mina had prophetically sang to her about Renato in "Renato" precisely, song in which the young man that took her to the cinema watched the film, instead of kissing her. She had in her turn, challenged the world becoming the mother of a child from a married man. A sign of the changing times was the fact that the father in this case was now with another man, but the substance remained the same.

There was nothing to be done, Gilda was the incarnation of her finished life and in return to Gilda, Carmen was the embodiment of hers that would not start.
The witch. The witch was the solution. She had seen her many times on TV giving advise, solving problems: she was the last available oracle.
And finally, one morning the ritual breakfast is interrupted...