Virginie Le Scornet, gallerista della Artz 21, mi ha aperto le porte della sua galleria offrendomi la possibilità di incarnare lo spirito dell'esposizione collettiva Fantasia erotica giapponese.

Ho aperto l'esposizione come samurai, indossando una creazione dello svizzero Emmanuel Mottu e l'ho chiusa come Nery Barcelona travestita da geisha, indossando una creazione della casa di moda parigina Kawaiko.


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Fantasía erótica japonesa

Japanese Erotic Fantasy

Artz 21, Artstore & Cutural Events, organized and hosted the exhibition “Japanese Erotic Fantasy” that presented in Barcelona works of Japanese and European artists with an avant-garde approach on Japanese erotic mysticism. Agnès Giard, writer and specialist in Japan, curated he exhibit.

A triumphant warrior

The performance artist Giosafat, armed with the Samurai suit and copper Protection contre le stress created by the swiss artist Emmanuel Mottu, marched through el Borne as a Manga Samurai early in the afternoon last Saturday, to the amazement of tourists and locals.
During his way, he leveled and improved the energies creating a clean area, free from stress in whose center you can find Artz 21, Artstore & Cultural Events; this art gallery together with 144Barcelona opens next Thursday at 8:00 p.m. the exhibition Japanese Erotic Fantasy that brings to Barcelona the works of 14 Japanese artists and 5 Europeans who approach the Japanese erotic mysticism from various avant-garde practices.

A Manga Samurai walks through el Borne

On Saturday October 4 at 2.00 p.m. the Italian artist Giosafat, wearing the Samurai suit and copper Protection contre le stress, created by the Swiss artist Emmanuel Mottu, will raise a line of virtual energy across el Borne, to protect this area of Barcelona through an urban performance that makes use of Butoh training techniques.
The city receives in this way the exhibition Japanese Erotic Fantasy that opens on October 9. The show presents pieces consecrated to the erotic mysticism of today’s and brings together 14 artists and creators of the Japanese avant-garde and 5 European artists and creators; this show has been curate by Agnès Giard, reference writer about eroticism in Japan.
Artz 21, Artstore and Cultural Events, responsible for this show, in collaboration with 144Barcelona are preparing the energy and space of the gallery and its surrounding in a unique manner.

The Way of the Warrior

The investiture of the artist takes place in front of the public in the facing the gallery window, located at the Avenue del Marquès de l’Argentera 21, at 2.00 PM. The clothing of this Samurai incarnated by Giosafat, is made from antique Japanese textiles combined with pneumatics and copper elements. Armed and dressed the warrior starts his way over the body of the ancient city accompanied by the public; his first action connects him with fire and history in the eternal flame of the Fossar de les Moreres around 4 pm (see map).
This messenger finds in his way centers of light and dark spots while he moves forward in his task of urban cleansing. He follows a precise path through El Borne that touches innovation and antiquity; the warrior seizes the air and dust, ghosts, machines, symbols and architectures to bring forth a space of clarity. Those who enter this space will live the exhibition as an initiatrix experience.
The costume Protection contre le stress, will be in exhibition in the gallery until December 11 in which the show Japanese Erotic Fantasy will move to the Cultural Center Christiane Peugeot, in Paris.

Stress free zone

Stress kills off sex, all helán vital and closes the senses to the perception of the invisible. With this performance, Artz 21 and 144Barcelona, create through pleasure and discipline a space of beauty where to offer the erotic poetry of Japan to the city of Barcelona.

The Way of the Warrior is the first urban perfomance produced in collaboration between Artz 21, Artstore and Cultural Events and 144Barcelona; both organizations include with this performance for the first time in the cultural agenda of the city, these outstanding European avant-garde artists.